Digital Advertising

What advertising needs today is a captive audience!

Consumers today have less and less time (or patience) to sit through commercials. We use Tivo, Freevo, or other personal video recorders to flip through commercials with ease. How is a business or organization going to get their message across??
Find a captive audience!!

There is a way to reach your target audience and it's called Digital Signage.

MTI offers digital sign advertising at several locations where there is a captive audience -- customers waiting in line at a drive-through window, customers waiting in line at banks, customers waiting on their name to be called in a restaurant, customers waiting for their gas pump to cut off, or customers waiting in physicians' offices, to name a few.

Call us today. Tell us about your business and the message you want to convey and we will design an ad to run on one or all of our screens. You can choose the location, what months you want the ad to run, how many months it will run and we will even change the ad for you should you want to run a monthly special or change your message emphasis.